Music producer and composer - Jelle Verstraten

Music producer and composer - Jelle Verstraten

As a composer, I love to take on challenging projects that broaden my musical perspective. Thus far my musical endeavours include music for various ensembles and orchestras, involving (live-)electronics, film music, multimedia performances, collaborations with choreographers and visual artists...

From a certain open-mindedness I am constantly looking for new ways to compose or create sound. My classical background gives me great control over the compositional and music technical aspects. Throughout the years of experimenting with digital and analogue sound creation, these are now also part of that musical sound palette.

I graduated from the Royal Conservatory in Brussels (2010) in music writing (BA & MA) and composition (BA), and from the Conservatory of Amsterdam (2016) in composition (BA) and composing for film (MA). Since 2014 I'm active as a freelance composer, orchestrator, conductor a.o.

Although the work of a composer might seem like a one-man-job, I found that working in a team is very inspiring and very enjoyable. I love it when directors think out of the box when it comes to the score for a film. Taking some risks and making the less obvious choices to make the score and film unique, finding that sound which just blends with the picture, are some of the challenges that I love about making music for film. But first and foremost, the goal of the music is to benefit the story.




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